About us

Partners4Access is a global consultancy specialising in orphan drug access. We support the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry along their launch journey to help secure successful price, reimbursement and access for orphan drugs. Partners4Access has solid partnerships with clients supporting their strategy and operations to effectively ensure launch success.

At Partners4Access, we believe patients with rare diseases deserve the right to access the most appropriate treatment. Our vision is ensuring fair access for all key stakeholders. By that, we mean fair access to drugs for rare disease patients, fair value for those that fund treatments, access to the smartest clinical option for the disease expert and a fair return on investment for the orphan drug manufacturer. We work with our biotechnology clients in partnership, to think differently across 5 best practices, and smartly secure access for orphan drugs.

The orphan drug environment is different from mainstream pharmaceuticals in many ways. Because of these differences successfully launching an orphan drug requires a smart approach to access. We work with our clients in partnership to think differently across a range of orphan specialized access services.

To deliver integrated price and access solutions for pharmaceutical launch success P4A and GPI recently formalised a Strategic Partnership. Our first area of focus is ‘Orphan Drug Solutions’ a new approach to data access and analytics.

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