case studies

Case Study #3 – Orphan Drug Acquisition Advice

Opportunity Summary:

A leading global biotechnology company with an extensive product portfolio, and strong cash position is actively seeking to grow their development pipeline through the acquisition of companies or assets that have promising commercial potential and/or are complimentary to their portfolio.  The client has an experienced pricing and market access team that requires rapid, and highly credible US/EU5 pricing analysis, reimbursement and health technology assessment reviews, and insight about clinical uptake risks to inform discussions with the commercial team.


Partnership Overview:

The client engaged P4A on a yearly retainer basis to conduct ad-hoc business development support.  For each asset / market assessment, P4A conducts a detailed analog analysis to obtain insight about current willingness to pay, clinician levels of satisfaction, and formulate potential price references.  Moreover, P4A utilizes a world class advisor network, to efficiently assemble payers with the most relevant expertise, and KOLs to review target product profiles.  These stakeholder discussions verify clinical, price, and access hypotheses, and enable the team to develop endpoint recommendations, minimum outcome expectations and the impact on price/access, and further strengthen price expectations for the therapy in review.

Key Client Benefit:

The global pricing and market access team is able to efficiently obtain critical inputs for discussions with their commercial colleagues.  In addition, due to the being informed about the price and access opportunity, the client is able to take a realistic negotiation position or put forth a financially sound bid for the company / asset.

P4A have given us credible and objective rationale that we’ve used to support decisions for acquisition of orphan therapies and devices. It’s helped us look at these BD opportunities with open eyes and more importantly, steer our commercial colleagues in the right direction.

Global Access Director, Rare Disease