Sophie Schmitz |  Managing Partner

Sophie is Managing Partner at Partners4Access, the global access experts for orphan drugs, cell and gene therapy. She brings a wealth of commercial and access experience across orphan and cell and gene therapies to the benefit of clients. She plays an active role in advising clients on price and market access strategies, with the ultimate goal of optimizing fair access for all stakeholders in rare disease. Her 20+ year career spans various disease areas and medical devices, successfully supporting the strategy development and operationalisation for orphan drugs. Her extensive industry experience across several product launches ensures clients benefit from that knowledge and build stronger access strategies as a result. Managing global, regional and local teams has provided her with the know-how to successfully face the real-life challenges in today’s orphan, cell and gene therapy world.

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Stuart 2
Stuart Tutt | Senior Advisor

Stuart has worked in global and European pricing and market access for over 20 years.

Following the acquisition of PriceSpective by ICON in 2012, he was the European Head and Global Head of the Pricing and Market Access consulting team. He has led consulting projects for several large, medium and small biopharma companies, across a wide range of therapy areas and all phases of development, with a focus on in-licensing evaluations, Phase III planning, launch pricing and market access and loss of exclusivity planning. In addition, he has led projects advising clients on internal process and infrastructure.

During his industry tenure, he has worked at GSK where responsibilities included pricing and reimbursement strategy for pipeline products, price management of marketed products and managing the in-house price database. Stuart has a degree in mathematics from Oxford University and a masters in Operational Research.

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Akshay Kumar
Akshay Kumar | Partner

Akshay is a Partner at Partners4Access. Akshay has 13+ years of experience helping pharmaceutical and biotech companies develop market access & pricing solutions – which are aligned to their broader commercial, organisational and environmental context. These solutions could be at the product, process and/or capability level. Besides market access, Akshay also has supported pharmaceutical companies in allied commercial areas such as – epidemiology, opportunity assessments, product positioning, product performance tracking, customer insights, and organisational design.

Prior to joining Partners4Access, Akshay worked at Huron Consulting as Senior Director – Orphan Drugs, Cell & Gene Therapy commercialisation and at ZS Associates initially as European Market Access and Pricing Lead and then as Global Epidemiology Practice Lead. He holds a D.Phil (PhD) in Materials from University of Oxford.

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Aparna Krishnan | Partner – Global Operations 

Aparna has over 10 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry. As part of the senior leadership team, her primary focus is on  strategic corporate engagement, legal, financial operations and human resources. She has previously worked as Manager, Life Sciences at IHS Markit and as Consultant at Parexel’s Commercialization unit among others specializing in market access, pricing and reimbursement. Aparna has a Bachelors’ degree in Life Sciences and a Masters in International Finance, with a focus on econometric modelling on the pharmaceutical industry.

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Bruce Chin - Headshot Photo
Bruce Chin | Senior Client Relationship Director 
Bruce joined P4A as a Senior Client Relationship Director in March 2021.  He carries 10+ years of experience working in business development across Europe and the US working for a host of boutique consultancies.
Prior to this, he worked in market access and sales for several Big Pharma companies in the UK and US.  Bruce also brings experience in market research, public policy and mass media in the private, public and non-profit spheres.
He enjoys adventure travel, long-distance cycling, cooking, entertaining, theatre, reading, history and spending time with family and friends.

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Owen Bryant | Creative Director

Owen has over 10+ years’ experience of graphic and creative design; his main responsibility at P4A is design and branding for internal and external projects. He studied media and communication at Greenwich University and began a career in recruitment and marketing for consultancy services.

Owen moved into local government social services, setting up employment training enterprises for disadvantaged adults. During this time, he developed design and printing services which kick-started Owen’s passion for the creative process and graphic design. Owen started working for P4A as a design consultant for in 2017, collaborating successfully on a number of long-term projects. He was invited to join the team full-time in 2020 as their new Creative Director.

Owen believes that successful design begins with honesty, that it asks the right questions and comes from a spirit of collaboration. It is also about being brave and trusting your intuition.

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Joanna 2
Joanna Fernandes | Senior Consultant

Joanna’s main responsibilities at P4A include developing current and future landscape assessments, market research, and funding analysis, including innovative payment methods. Her key focus is on Cell and Gene therapy but has worked on a number of projects across a range of therapy areas, including immune-oncology, rare and ultra-rare diseases. She has completed a B.Sc. in Biochemistry at Imperial College London, focusing on infectious diseases and biotechnology. Prior to Partners4Access, she worked as an analyst at Finalta, Mckinsey Solutions, allowing her to further develop her primary and secondary research skills.

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Max 2
Maximus Rex | Consultant

Max works on a range of projects including primary and secondary research, writing and testing value propositions and preparing landscape assessments to support the development of market access strategies for clients in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. He has a keen interest in Cell and Gene therapy. Prior to joining P4A, he worked as an analyst at McKinsey, having previously completed a Research Master’s in Molecular and Cellular Biosciences and a BSc in Biochemistry at Imperial College London. He carried out research on a variety of topics, including identifying novel targets for a malaria vaccine and researching the mechanisms by which pathogens evade the immune response in humans.

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Chloe Headshot 2020
Chloe Sheppard | Associate Consultant

Chloe has a strong interest in cell and gene therapies and the development of market access, pricing and reimbursement strategies to support the commercialisation of such innovations. Previously, Chloe has worked in market access consulting as an analyst, where she conducted both primary and secondary research to support HTA and market access activities in multiple disease areas.

Chloe holds an M.Sc. in Stem Cell and Regenerative Therapies: From Bench to Market from King’s College London, and a B.Sc. in Biology from Royal Holloway University of London. Her M.Sc. thesis on business strategy development for cellular therapy focused on an iPSC-based treatment for age-related macular degeneration.

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Richard Wang
Richard Wang | Senior Analyst

Richard seeks to assist in the development of market access and reimbursement strategies for ATMPs and Orphan Drugs through utilising primary and secondary research.

During his Pharmacology PhD working on a novel protein-degrader class of drugs at the University of Cambridge, Richard undertook an 3-month internship at Partners4Access where he developed a passion for innovative treatments and equitable access. His time at Partners4Access cemented his desire to help identify and solve client problems in the dynamic ATMP field.

Richard also holds a M.Sci. in Systems Biology, focusing on computational biology, and a B.A. in Natural Science with a specialism in Pharmacology from the University of Cambridge.


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Andrea Bernardini | Senior Analyst

Andrea’s role at P4A involves conducting primary and secondary research to assist in the development of market access and reimbursement strategies for clients in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.

Andrea has a strong interest in developing market access, pricing and reimbursement strategies for orphan drugs and cell and gene therapies. This passion for rare diseases stemmed from his previous experience as a researcher during his Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering at Imperial College London, where he worked towards the development of a novel drug delivery system to treat Glioblastoma. He also holds a B.Sc. from the University of Pavia (Italy) where he conducted a research on aneurysmal and dissected arteries, further developed during his Erasmus+ research project at Brunel University London. He then obtained a M.Sc. in Bioengineering from the University of Surrey, where he researched the apoptotic processes or red blood cells.

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Nadia Al Lahiq | Analyst

Nadia’s work at P4A involves conducting primary and secondary research for landscape and pipeline assessments to support the development of strategies within market access and reimbursement for clients in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.

She has a passion for Cell and Gene therapy with a special interest in orphan diseases. Her goal is to help make these therapies more assessable. Nadia has experience in working in healthcare marketing and advertising where she worked closely with clients to deliver promotional and educational materials.

Before joining P4A, Nadia achieved an M.Sc. in Stem Cell and Regenerative Therapies: From Bench to Market from King’s College London where she completed a thesis on developing a business strategy to treat Recessive Dystrophic Epidermolysis Bullosa (RDEB), using topically administered allogenic mesenchymal stem cell’s. Nadia also holds a B.Sc. in Biomedical Sciences from Royal Holloway University of London.


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Fisentzos Stylianou | Analyst

Fisentzos’s role at Partners4Access includes conducting primary and secondary research to support the development of market access and reimbursement strategies for clients in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. With a passion for innovative treatments, he closely follows the cell and gene therapy field as it expands to treat more patients with rare diseases.

Prior to joining Partners4Access, Fisentzos worked as a Research Associate at Imperial College London, where he also earned his Ph.D. in Structural Biology in 2020. During this time, he conducted research as part of a multidisciplinary team to advance his understanding of the structure and function of biofilm-forming proteins, paving the way for the design of novel antimicrobial therapeutics. Fisentzos also holds an M.Sc. in Biomedical and Molecular Sciences Research and a B.Sc. in Biomedical Science, both from King’s College London.


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Olivia Johns | Analyst

Olivia’s role at P4A is to assist in the development of market access and reimbursement strategies through primary and secondary research on Orphan Drugs and ATMPs.

With a B.Sc. in Global Health and Social Medicine from King’s College London, Olivia has studied health within both the social sciences and the life sciences. This interdisciplinary background aids her consideration for a broad range of perspectives when finding solutions to complex problems. She has a special interest in neuroscience and the ethics of emerging biotechnologies, both areas of specialism within her B.Sc.

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Georgina Rackpic
Georgina Rack | Communication Executive

Georgina has over 8 years’ experience working in the Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare industry, with a strong background in organising events. At P4A, her role includes conference and promotional activities, marketing efforts and admin tasks.

She has previously worked for the Conservative Party, under David Cameron and worked through two UK General Elections and assisted with organising two Conservative Party Conferences. After this, Georgie moved to ICON under the Pricing & Market Access Team and gained knowledge in contracts, honoraria payments, conferences & ad boards, as well as admin tasks assisting the Senior Leadership Team

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Erfan Akbraian | Operations Associate

Erfan’s role at Partners4Access includes conducting primary and secondary research to support the development of market access and reimbursement strategies. He has a passion for innovations within neuroscience and the cell and gene-therapy space.

Erfan holds a B.Sc. in Biomedical Science from the University of Southampton and a M.Sc. in Neuroscience from King’s College London where he conducted a full-time research project within the KCL Neuroscience laboratory.

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Julie Brennan

As an associate of P4A, Julie provides an in-depth understanding of the complex matrix that determines optimal market access in the U.K. She has spent the last 20 years working in the pharmaceutical industry as part of numerous commercialisation and launch execution teams and latterly as a consultant supporting clients to achieve the optimal access for their assets. Julie is passionate about bringing the strategy to life through excellence in HTA planning and implementation, value communications and payer-stakeholder engagement.

Anthony G. Bower, PhD

Anthony focuses on improving commercial effectiveness via insights and actions implemented at the executive level. The chief, but not only, focus in improving commercial effectiveness is by gaining and maintaining US and global market access. Anthony has held industry leadership positions in the East Coast, California, and in Europe at, respectively, Synageva, ALZA and Amgen. In addition to over 10 years of experience in industry and several years in consulting, he spent a decade at RAND. Anthony has a doctorate in Economics from the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

Justin Stindt

Justin supports pharma and biotech clients with Market Access strategy and execution. This includes strategy development, payer insight & engagement and project management support to produce local market access deliverables. He has worked in various Market Access and Commercial Director roles at GlaxoSmithKline with international responsibilities for Market Access and pricing strategies, evidence generation to meet payer requirements, product launches and commercial strategy for pipeline assets.

Joel Owerbach

Joel has over 40 years of experience in U.S. managed care pharmacy. He was most recently Vice President, Health Policy-Strategy for Alliance Life Sciences Consulting Group (ALSCG), a global innovative management and technology consultancy, and formerly Vice President, Chief Pharmacy Officer, for Excellus Health Plans, NY.

As one of the early innovators in the development of clinical pharmacy programs within managed care, he has pioneered numerous clinical management and specialty programs, including Drug Information (1977), Pharmacokinetic evaluation program (1978), Anticoagulation Services (1979), Home Intravenous Therapy Service (1982), and Terminal Care/hospice programs (1984) among others. He has worked with a number of pharmaceutical companies, assessing US pharmaceutical market access potential for Phase I-III drugs, including specialty products, orphan drugs, and biosimilars. He has participated in and managed multiple advisory boards and has developed databases and applications profiling and tracking the new Health Care Exchange payer, benefits, and formulary information.

Steve O’ Malley

Steve’s pharmaceutical career has been built on a keen understanding of US Managed Markets. Over the last 27 years Steve has built strong relationships with US Payers across channels including commercial, government and hospital. His main areas of expertise are managed care strategy and launches, global pricing and market access, contracting, innovative contracting and partnership, traditional and specialty distribution, payer lead for multiple launches including joint venture management and development and management of pricing committees BD. Steve currently heads MKO Group in the US.