A biotech company developing an asset for two rare disease indications was seeking to understand the changing competitive landscape and how this could impact its launch plans. The company also wanted to pressure-test several launch scenarios.


  • Identified and prioritized competitors based on their potential to impact the asset’s launch
  • Created a monthly competitive intelligence report tracking and analysing the clinical and commercial aspects of the competitive landscape. The report focussed on highlighting key corporate developments informing on competitor’s clinical trial design, trial results, investment decisions, R&D focus areas as well as regulatory submissions among others
  • Designed a series of strategic activities such as war games and advisory boards to pressure test two launch-based scenarios involving the asset


The competitive tracker ensured a coherent approach to information sharing and minimized duplication of efforts across the company. The interactive workshops helped refine and strengthen commercial strategy ahead of launch and fostered alignment of responses in the two launch scenarios across different teams in the company.

The P4A team provided us with a series of comprehensive analytical reports and workshops on our key competitors that helped to bolster our strategy towards launch.

Market Access Director