BeNeLuxA and FiNoSe joint initiative

Are they as beneficial to manufacturers as they seem? By Joana Fernandes & Ashkay Kumar What are the research aims? Products that are being reviewed by the BeNeLuxA and FiNoSe joint initiatives often generate a lot of media attention and interest for those in the pharma world. But what do these initiatives actually entail, and…

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Webinar 2: U.S. lessons learnt from Kymriah & Luxturna

In the second of three webinars, P4A is focussing on the US environment for gene therapies. Single application cell and gene therapies in the US face health insurance challenges driven by a short-term focus, disconnection between price reporting and outcomes value, and complex distribution models…

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In our mission to understand and influence the debate on Orphan Drugs, P4A will be closely following industry and scientific conferences including attending some of them.

Upcoming Conferences:

RE(ACT) congress and IRDiRC conference (Virtual)– January 13 – 15 2021

World Orphan Drug Congress (Virtual) – April 28 – 29 2021

American Society of Cell and Gene Therapy 24th Annual meeting (Virtual)- May 11 – 14 2021

ISPOR 2021 (Virtual)- May 17 – 20 2021

World Advanced Therapies and Regenerative Medicine Congress (Virtual) – May 19 – 21 2021

CAR and T Cell Therapies: Pioneering point of care with innovative manufacturing and commercialization strategies (Virtual) – June 22 – 24 2021

Onco Cell Therapy Summit (Virtual) – July 7- 9 2021

World Orphan Drug Congress USA 2021 (Oxon Hill, Maryland) – August 25 – 27 2021

Cell and Gene Therapy Bioprocessing and Commercialization (Boston, USA) – September 20 – 23 2021

World Orphan Drug Congress EU 2021 (Barcelona, Spain) – November 15 – 18 2021

Virtual ISPOR Europe 2021 – December 1 – 3 2021 (TBC)