Assessing the BD&L opportunity of a specific orphan drug

Client Challenge

Understanding the pricing and access potential of the product across the EU5 in its first and subsequent P&R indications.

The biotech had previously identified a product being developed in multiple orphan indications as a target for in-licensing. Although all indications were rare, each had different landscapes, and the product had a different formulation and mode of administration in the third indication.

P4A Solution

P4A assessed the product and then implemented these stages:

  • Disease landscape evaluations and analogue analysis
  • P&R hypotheses development
  • Payer research to validate hypotheses
  • Recommendations

The Successful Outcome

  • Understood the P&R, patient access and competitive landscape for the product in each indication
  • Provided information on list & net pricing potential, levels of access restrictions imposed by the payer and time to access, which were key inputs to the forecasting model
  • Identified impact of the re-formulation / label expansion on P&R and the need for new branding for one indication
  • Identified evidence and market shaping mitigation measures to further optimise the P&R / commercial potential of the product
P4A found additional pockets of opportunity that were not apparent to us previously.
Chief Commercial Officer