P4A’s propriety insights platform

Encompassing over 250 worldwide ex-payers, Regulatory &
HTA bodies who specialize in rare diseases & ATMPs.
MAXconnect puts you in touch with people & opinions that matter.

P4A understand the myriad of challenges clients face obtaining valuable and relevant expert payer insights.

In recognition of these needs P4A developed

Connect by name, connect by nature

Our expert network covers the globe, supporting rare
disease specialism throughout the following key regions.

No matter where you want to launch we’ve got you covered

Through MAXconnect P4A facilitate
two types of specialist engagements.


Formal engagements involve Regulatory and HTA agencies.

We shape, guide andprocess the information and outcomes you receive from HTA and Regulatory bodies.


Informal engagements are arranged using our global panel of ex-payers.

Our curated network of experts provide industry leading knowledge with flexibility, variety, speed precision and excellence.