Informal Engagements

Informal engagements are a fast and flexible way to
meet with payers and other key stakeholders. Through MAXconnect we can arrange engagements with industry experts who can address your issues in a variety of settings.

Meet the Industry Experts

Wherever you want to launch, our payer network has it covered. P4A have created a global network of over 250 ex-payers with specialist understanding of the rare disease & Cell and Gene Therapies environment.

Looking to launch an asset and need guidance on how to do it? Then get in touch with us and our MAXconnect experts.

Informal Engagement Options

Engagements can take the form of an iterative process where you gain regular and progressive updates, or a one-off engagement if you need a quick solution to a new problem.

Our engagement options are designed to give you the best methods to generate cost-effective actionable insights.

Depending on your situation and time available to you, we can offer the following bespoke, flexible engagements.

In-depth interview

In depth interview with ex-payers who have relevant experience in your therapy area and launch geography.

Advisory Board

Discussion based – a group payer environment is a closer simulation of real-life payer decision process.

Online Surveys

Bespoke surveys created by P4A experts to pull out the information that payers may not choose to disclose openly.

Written Feedback

A detailed report providing insights into your situation & in-depth recommendations to guide you on your journey.

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