Mitigating payer uncertainties around an oncology OD

Client Challenge

Developing an innovative contracting framework for use by affiliates across Europe.

A large Pharma company launching an oncology agent that received conditional EMA approval based on Phase 2 data.

There were a lack of payer relevant outcomes in evidence package (OS and PFS) and the epidemiology were key uncertainties for payers.

P4A Solution

Innovative contracting is not the panacea for all uncertainties; payers only engage if a solution can be easily implemented with a win-win outcome.

P4A implemented the following recommendations:
  • Developed a solution blueprint
  • Engaged and refined this blueprint with payers
  • Developed framework for organizational use

The Successful Outcome

  • Developed a suite of value based contracting strategies
  • Identified that value based contracting is not a default option. Instead staggered intro should be explored in the opening offer
  • Designed a streamlined RWE plan to address both regulator and payer needs whilst minimising burden on HCPs & patients
P4A helped us devise a set of practical solutions that addressed payer uncertainties around our product.
Global Market Access Director