We developed an innovative access toolkit for a large biotech with multiple RNA and Gene therapy technologies

Client Challenge

To address commercialisation barriers and drive sustainability, the client wanted to explore Innovative Access Agreements ​

A large biotech with an extensive pipeline of RNA technologies and Gene therapies targeting various muscular dystrophy and CNS disorders was concerned about potential barriers to access for their therapies​

​They wanted to explore the feasibility of different innovative access agreements in addressing payer concerns and uncertainties in their data sets​

P4A Solution

We developed a toolkit to address several key questions facing the client: ​

  1. When to consider innovative access agreements (IAAs)?
  2. What are the appropriate types of IAAs for a particular product situation ?
  3. What are implementation considerations for each IAA option

The toolkit was designed to be product agnostic. However it does take into account the feasibility of each IAA in each scope market considering historic use and attitudes towards IAAs

The Successful Outcome

We delivered the toolkit covering the following modules:

  • Business rules on when to consider IAAs and when not to consider IAAs ​
  • Types of IAAs (financial, outcome or service based, and if they are implemented at a patient or population level) and their product (e.g. data related) and environment related (e.g. competition related) rationale for use
  • Implementation considerations (incl. legal considerations, healthcare infrastructure requirements, organisational goals and capabilities etc.)
The P4A IAA toolkit, really allowed us to evaluate our access strategy and gave us confidence in which agreement we wanted to pursue with payers ​ ​
Global Commercial​ Lead​