Rare Disease Day Special 2024 with guest Nick Meade


Nick Meade

Episode Description

Welcome to this month’s episode of the Let’s Talk Rare: The Life Science Podcast by Partners4Acess. Georgie and Owen are joined by Nick Meade, Head of Policy at Genetic Alliance, to discuss the challenges faced by rare patients in accessing life-saving medicines.

Together they explore the EU joint HTA legislation coming into force in January 2025, and the importance of patient experience data. Nick explains that the challenges for rare patients remain the same, with diagnosis being the first hurdle. He highlights the progress being made in genetic diagnoses and screening but emphasizes the need for more harmonization in Europe. 

Finally, they touch on the concept of patient experience data, which refers to the inclusion of patient perspectives and outcomes in decision-making processes. Nick emphasizes the importance of this data in understanding rare conditions and leveraging it for better access to treatments. They also discuss the various events and initiatives planned by Genetic Alliance for  the upcoming Rare Disease Day on February 29th, to raise awareness and share stories of rare conditions.

Genetic Alliance: https://geneticalliance.org.uk/

Rare Disease UK: https://geneticalliance.org.uk/rare-disease-uk/

Nick Meade: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nick-meade-706251106/

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