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Dear orphan drug industry, are you prepared?

Rare Disease Day infographic – US & EU

February 28 is rare disease day.

To be rare is to be unique. And a rare disease area requires an innovative solution to access.

To commemorate this day, Partners4Access are publishing two infographics focusing on key aspects that impact commercialization of orphan drugs.

The infographics capture three areas where orphan drug companies often face challenges in:

  1. Recognising opportunity in disease burden
  2. Identifying gaps in treatment
  3. Understanding and overcoming the pitfalls in the approval process

As global specialists in orphan drug access, we partner with biotechnology companies throughout the commercialization process with our bespoke access roadmaps, evidence mitigation solutions, tailored pricing and reimbursement strategy and by preparing teams for access excellence.

To talk to us about these challenges, call us at +44 207 150 7351 or email at [email protected]



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