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Partners4Access launches new Webinar Series on Gene Therapy – Are we ready yet?

Partners4Access (P4A), the specialists in orphan drug access, are launching a new webinar series, in line with their expanding activities in gene therapy.

Launching in November 2017,  P4A invites participants to register now to secure their place for this inaugural webinar.

As with most innovative and novel areas, gene therapy is facing misconceptions guided by hopes, promises, misunderstandings and fear. The first of three webinars will critically review the most common misconceptions of gene therapy.

Participants will learn how gene therapy differs from mainstream therapies, the unique challenges associated with the approval of gene-therapies and why gene therapy might not be able to cure every patient.

Sophie Schmitz, Managing Partner, P4A said, “Gene therapy is a rapidly developing area and has the potential to change the future treatment landscape. The challenge is that healthcare systems are in their infancy to adopt such innovative therapies. This is where the importance of transparent and independent idea exchange comes in. I am excited that we at Partners4Access are part of a new webinar series designed to help all stakeholders exchange ideas and ultimately help understand the key building blocks to pave the way for new innovative therapies in rare diseases”.

Follow this link to register.



Partners4Access are global consultants specialising in orphan drug access.

The company supports the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry along their launch journey to help secure successful price, reimbursement and access for orphan drugs. Partners4Access has solid partnerships with clients supporting their strategy and operations to effectively ensure launch success.

For more information e-mail [email protected], see our website or call us on +44(0)20 38743300

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