Trends to look out for in 2023

By: Sophie Schmitz, Akshay Kumar, Joanna Fernandes, Chloe Sheppard, Srishti Gupta, Andrea Bernardini, Fisentzos Stylianou, Olivia Johns, Priyanka Kiritharan & Jodie Lyons


In 2022 we saw some major shifts in the ATMP and orphan drug landscape, with post COVID pressures on health care causing budget concerns. Along with major changes to HTA and payer processes in key European markets. 

We’ve also seen looming Pharma price control mechanisms due to the inflation reduction act in the US. As well as the impending implementation of the 2025 EU HTA harmonisation. As we are only 2 years away from this major shift, what are implications for Pharma over the coming years? 

Will 2023 see cost containment and shifts in the uptake of advanced therapeutic medicinal products and orphan drugs? 

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