We developed a CGT readiness framework to assess CGT launch feasibility across key markets ​

Client Challenge

Determine how ready different markets are for CGTs and what mechanisms could be leveraged for a successful launch​

A large biotech with several cell and gene therapies in their pipeline, wanted to understand how prepared different countries are for gene therapy, including if there are dedicated assessment and funding pathways, how evolved their RWE collection infrastructure is, number of specialist centres etc. 

This was to understand what levers could be used to help support a success CGT launch 

P4A Solution

P4A’s proprietary CGT readiness framework was utilised to assess different levers the CGT company could use to support a successful launch

By looking at the 10 key domains included in our proprietary CGT readiness framework, we were able to provide an understanding on how ready different countries are for CGTs We isolated which countries were the most ready, and should be prioritised in a CGT launch sequence  As well as different process, pathways, and organisation that can be utilized to support the launch of a CGT  

The Successful Outcome

  • Developed an overarching view of the CGT readiness in each scope country​
  • Slides detailing the specific process and systems in place for CGTs​
  • Summary of current strengths, possible hurdles and potential future environment per country ​
  • Provided recommendations on lunch sequence and levers to support a successful CGT launch ​
We really enjoyed P4A’s co-creation style, it allowed us to get everything we needed out of the research, and really supported our launch sequence planning ​
Global Commercial​ Lead​