We developed creative solutions to showcase value differentiation for a third-to-market GT ​

Client Challenge

Identify ways to maximize access for a GT expected to be the 3rd GT to market ​

A small biotech in Phase 2/3 development for a gene therapy targeting competitively intense disease was concerned about being the third gene therapy to market ​

They wanted advice on how to differentiate themselves from the competition and ensure they would still be reimbursed by payers ​

P4A Solution

We conducted a “life-changers” workshop to understand internal perception of the GT value versus their competition and potential “reasons to wait”​

This workshop formed the basis of the value story development for the GT, focusing on proactively addressing payer concerns on: ​
  • Uncertainties in long term efficacy 
  • Value drivers/ differentiators compared to the other GTs expected to launch first  
  • Reasons to wait for the third gene therapy to market
  • High upfront cost of a one-time therapy, especially when other GTs may already being reimbursed 

The Successful Outcome

  • Developed a value story proactively addressing payer concerns around a third-to-market gene therapy ​
  • Recommended strategies and communication points to effectively differentiate the GT form the competition, to give stakeholders a “reason to wait” ​
  • Develop pragmatic and feasible recommendations for the phase III clinical trial design and feasible evidence collection strategies​
P4A were able to understand the unique challenge we were facing as the third gene therapy to market and were able to develop creative and practical solutions ​
Global Commercial​ Lead​