Interview with Alejandro Dorenbaum, CMO at Reneo Pharmaceuticals


Alejandro Dorenbaum

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In this episode we will be talking to Alejandro Dorembaum, CMO of Reneo Pharmaceuticals. Alex discusses how the company is developing drugs for patients with rare mitochondrial diseases a high unmet disease with no current treatments available. Their lead candidate Mavodelpar has recently completed enrolment for their pivotal STRIDE clinical trial study. STRIDE is a global, randomized double-blind, 6 months, placebo-controlled trial designed to assess the efficacy and safety of Mavodelpar. Alex discusses the importance of engaging early with patients and patient organisations for PMM across the world to truly understand the patient journey, their challenges & daily routines to help shape the study design, to ensure successful enrolment and patient retention throughout the clinical trials. This is something Reneo have successfully completed throughout the development of Mavodelpar, by engaging early with patients, clinicians & regulators, they have completed enrolment in record time, this is especially difficult for rare diseases as it is often difficult to find the patients and something Alex is extremely proud of. We look forward to following Reneo’s journey and hope to have Alex back early next year to discuss their global commercial plans for PMM patients.

Reneo Pharmaceuticals: https://reneopharma.com/

Reneo is a clinical-stage pharmaceutical company focused on the development of therapies for patients with rare genetic diseases including mitochondrial diseases with significant unmet medical needs.

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