We conducted a risk and opportunity assessment of undergoing joint HTA initiative for a GT ​

Client Challenge

Seeking to understand the benefits and risks of undergoing Joint HTA routes for a GT​

A global GT company wanted to understand the process involved in the BeNeLuxA and FINOSE initiatives versus individual country HTA processes​

They wanted to know the opportunities and challenges for their late-stage GT would like face through each pathway and which would allow the optimal route to access​

P4A Solution

P4A provided a comprehensive overview of the pathways and recommended the optimal route to access

We mapped out each pathway, using secondary and primary research, to provide an overview of: 
  • The process involved, with timelines  
  • Key decision makers 
  • Assessment criteria 
  • Opportunities and risks with each pathway specific to the GT 

The Successful Outcome

  • Outlined expectations on how the joint HTA would appraise the evidence package and the likely outcome, including a risk assessment vs. going to individual country processes​
  • Identify if joint HTA route is a no-go vs. individual country HTA pathways for each scope market ​
  • Advise on strategic levers that can be used to optimise joint HTA outcomes​
  • Develop phasing considerations for involvement of BeNeLuxA and FINOSE​
We really appreciated P4A’s support as we tried to navigate this non-transparent pathway – they provided invaluable insights that helped us with our decision-making
Global Program​ Leader​