We developed a GT monthly tracker for large pharma with multiple GT assets in pipeline ​

Client Challenge

Needed a competitive intelligence partner to support decision making for GTs​

A large Pharma company, with multiple gene therapies in their pipeline, was trying to enter several competitively intense disease areas ​

There were seeking a partner to provide competitive intelligence and recommendations across different disease areas, to help make them informed decisions about their late stage GT assets ​

P4A Solution

P4A developed a competitive intelligence tracker to capture relevant insights on launched GTs and appropriate disease specific competitors

P4A addressed this using a three step approach:​
  1. Conduct in-depth review with asset teams, aligning on key areas of focus to ensure tailored insights and recommendations for their GT assets ​
  2. Develop a monthly report addressing the areas of focus for the asset teams ​
  3. Align regularly to ensure reports consistently meet the evolving needs of each asset team ​

The Successful Outcome

  • Developed a monthly report including insights from a regulatory, early access, HTA, pricing & contracting, and strategy perspective across multiple launched GTs and relevant non-GT competitors. This included: ​
    • Insights and key learnings from select CGT conferences​
    • Recommendations and key considerations for the GT strategy based on the insights gathered ​
  • Provided ad-hoc updates and key considerations, in the form of email blasts, when relevant breaking news occurred that could affect the company’s asset and strategy ​
P4A have provided very valuable competitive intelligence insights and translated this into strategic, tailored recommendations​
Global Market Access ​ Director​