Should the Middle East be a priority launch market for orphan drug manufacturers?


Lavni Varyani

Episode Description

Over the last few years, the Middle East has piqued the interest of orphan drug manufacturers, and some have prioritised launching in this region before European markets. Akshay Kumar and Lavni Varyani discuss what is driving this behaviour, the orphan drug infrastructure within the region, and opportunities, barriers, and key considerations for manufacturers aiming to launch in the Middle East.

Presenter: Akshay Kumar, Partner, P4A

Contributor: Lavni Varyani, Founder, Pharma Business Partners

Producer: Operations team

Lavni Varyani is the Founder and Principal Consultant at Pharma Business Partners, a market access consultancy based in Dubai supporting the life science industry to generate market insights across the Middle East and Africa. More information on Pharma Business Partners: https://pharmabp.com/

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