China market access: obstacle or opportunity for orphan drug, cell and gene therapy manufacturers?


Fisentzos Stylianou

Episode Description

In 2020 China’s pharmaceutical market passed an important milestone, a Deloitte report cited that China was expected to grow its pharmaceutical market volume by 2020 to $220 billion (USD) becoming the second largest market behind the US. The commercial potential is huge, so what do we know about the orphan drug (OD) potential in China? Fisentzos Stylianou discusses China’s healthcare system, key challenges for OD manufacturers, Spinraza’s commercialisation journey in China, and incentives available to OD manufacturers in China.

Reference: https://www2.deloitte.com/cn/en/pages/life-sciences-and-healthcare/solutions/life-sciences.html

Presenter: Aparna Krishnan, Partner – Global Operations


Contributor: Fisentzos Stylianou, Analyst


Producer: Operations team


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